2017 Life Update

Well hello there. How have you been? I know, I'm pretending as if it's acceptable for me to not update even a single post in 2017 thus far. But hey, I'm here, I'm queer and I'm not going any-wheer.

The amount of workload this year is just MAJAAHHH, especially after 2016 which was full of achievements and surprises. 

Amongst my biggest achievements, of course, were being in TEDxGadong and my debut play TW!STED. They surely have opened a lot of doors for me. Well, so far, 50% of my time in 2017 is committed to that: Performing.

Now I'm teaching two national universities/colleges theatre clubs in Brunei: UBD and KUPUSB. I am also co-directing a play (YES! I'M RETURNING AGAIN!) and hopefully for those who missed last year's play, you'll get to attend mine this time. Oh! and yes, I have 3-5 reservations for a performance in 2017, even one in November, inshaAllah.

Other than that, well, most of you may already know, it is my last semester in university before holding my degree in BA Professional Communications and the Media. As part of my final project, I am directing a film, producing an event, and drowning myself in books, amongst other things. Quite busy.

There is also an independent project I'm working on very soon. Hopefully it'll work! Definitely something I've never done before. 

But all in all, life is good so far. Personally, I have been well with my family and friends.

Other than that, just stay tuned to my blog and hopefully, whenever there's something interesting to update on, then I will keep you notified. Just follow me on Instagram: @akhmal.aiman, for sure I'll update there first thing.

Until here. See you soon guys. xx

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