Red Umbrella (2017): Final Bow

Last Saturday, I took my final bow as a member of UBD Performing Arts Club before my graduation.

I have gone so far since the first time I did my first contemporary dance number "Lullabies" for PAC Alive 2. It was in PAC I learned to sustain my love for performing arts in university. This is what I enjoy doing for a living.

(Play this song while you're reading- It's a score by Justin Hurwitz from La La Land)

Last semester, after the success of TW!STED, I decided to step down as the president and ultimately, as a member. That didn't last me long. I continued to devote my life for performing, and I can honestly say that I did not regret coming back for my last show before my graduation.

What a way to end my career (yes, a career) in UBD PAC. Red Umbrella. It's light, but it's tragic. Tragic, indeed, what's with my departure. I co-produced and co-directed the play. Thanks to our friends for coming over as well.

Everyone who knows me personally knows my love for blues, soul and other easy-listening music. It was a pleasure to be a part of the 1920s jazz club and I had the honour to sing (for the first time live) some of my favourite singers: Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse and even, Elvis Presley. I turned quite emotional in the end, it was a mixed feeling. One thing for sure, it was the perfect time to leave and the right feeling to have. During that final bow, I was ready to embark on another life in performing after my graduation. With UBD PAC, I learned a lot. I learned to write, sing, dance, direct, produce, you name it. It was UBD PAC who made me become a TEDx speaker. It was UBD PAC who made people recognise my work, and made me unmistakably validate on my potential in performing arts.

I would like to say thank you to all who I got to work with, both in performing and non-performing. You all remain close to my heart. You have been recognised by many. You have made a name for yourself. There's no excuse for you to stop going further. UBD PAC is recognised for its out-of-the-box, breaking the barrier, often unconventional theatre. Keep that going.

I want to personally thank Jannah Yussof for helping me execute my live performance, Kiddy Zalani for your visionary work and friendly demeanour & everyone I have worked with in PAC.

Finally, thanks to those who have supported me (us) along the way. Keep supporting local talents in performing arts.

p.s. Upon popular request, this is the playlist during Red Umbrella

(Credits to: Zwan Neves for the amazing photos, May Cho for the beautiful poster)

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  1. You're most welcome, my dear. 'Twas a pleasure and an honour to work with you ❤