Red Umbrella (2017)

UBD Performing Arts Club is back!

After the success of "TW!STED" and "Amorosa", we are pleased to introduce "RED UMBRELLA"

A jazz house once filled full with grandeur is now a former shell of itself. In it, individuals are tied together through the struggles of family, love, greed, betrayal, and death. Welcome to Red Umbrella.

Be a part of the story with PREMIUM TICKETS:
- Dress up 1920-30s themed
-Complimentary drink

For bookings/enquiries, please contact 7159686 or 7144544 through text/Whatsapp.


As what I have mentioned before, I am not directing this (just mentoring, really), but I will be a part of it. Do come and support! It would mean a lot.

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